let it snow

man, the weather was so crazy here sunday night! the snow and wind were out of control! over the course of the night we got 6-10 inches of snow, and the wind was blowing at 50 mph or more. we had to drive to a christmas party that night, and boy, it was some of the worst conditions ive seen in years. the roads were almost totally ice, and sight distance was really limited. we made it there and back safely, but i was worried more than once that i was going to need to get out and dig us out of a ditch.
when i got home i shoveled the driveway. it was really easy because the snow was so fluffy and light. by morning it didnt matter that i shoveled because the wind and the continued snowfall erased any evidence of the work i had done.

moral of the story: dont shovel your driveway.

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