this thanksgiving i headed home to be with the family, and had a great time. the night before thanksgiving i met up with jeffry lee, aaron and bethany, aarons bro, sis, step-sis, and all their respective other halfs. jeffry lee and i werent really up for going out too much, but we went anyway and headed to gardellas. the place was so packed we had to wait outside for about 15 minutes before they let us in. we ended up having a good enough time (well, when kevin wasnt forcing the juke box to play annoying death metal).
thanksgiving morn we all got up bright and early and headed to my sister and brother-in-laws church. then we went over to their house and had a great thanksgiving breakfast (strange, i know, but it was fun). after that the guys headed out to go see beowulf in 3d. later that night i went and picked up a friend from the train station and we grabbed a bite to eat.
we bumped our thanksgiving dinner to friday this year, so on friday evening we all gathered in our basement (which was a strange change of scenery, but very accommodating considering the large number of people who would have had to fit around the dining room table). that night we met up with the guys and went to go see 'hitman' and hang out at fridays together.
saturday evening was a great time. we hung out with my sister and brother-in-law. they got a babysitter, and we headed downtown for a fun night- with only adults! we went to bulls head tavern and had a great meal, and even better conversation. we eventually headed back to their place and played some cards. they taught us a new card game called 'pennies' which is kind of like phase 10, but with normal cards. we had a great time!
sunday, after church and dinner, we headed back home. i got home round 6:00, and hit the bed around 7:00! the holidays are a blast to be around friends and family, but they sure are exhausting!

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