the gang's all here

sunday night we got together with my moms side of the family for christmas. i always look forward to this party. my uncles and aunts and cousins have always got along great, and so we always have a great time together. last year i was disappointed because i had to miss it. they had it on a thursday night and i still had to work on friday so i wasnt able to be up here for it. so, for some of my relatives it had been two years since i saw them last, and thats just too long.
we, as an extended family, have moved on over the past few years. what i mean by this is that we have moved on to the next generation. enough of my cousins have been having kids that our party has moved on to them. no longer do i or my cousins get gifts, rather, all their kids do now. i actually enjoy that chance. it turns the focus on them and actually allows us to just sit back and talk to each other and catch up. i got to talk to a couple cousins, jason and jeremy, who i havent heard from in far too long. another fun thing was that my brother was there. its the first time in about 5 years hes been around for christmas because hes in the military, so it was cool to have him there.

ahh, i love my family...

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