its true what they say...

everything really is bigger in texas. last weekend i flew down to houston texas to go to a graduation. i rented a car (a cobalt, which really sucked, but at least it had gps, so that was cool) and headed over to the city of college station. i got there super late, but it seemed that the party had just begun. we ended up heading to bed around 4:00am, which was quite stupid considering we had a 6:30am wake up time. like a zombie i got ready and we headed to the indoor arena on the texas a&m campus. we got seats, then i proceeded to bob in and out of sleep for the next two hours.
of the 800 people who were graduating, the person i came to see was seventh to the last. of course. eventually it was done and we headed over to the graduation open house. it was fun to meet all the family. they were all super nice, especially their uncle john. he had a hilarious sense of humor, which was gloriously enhanced by his strong texas accent!
next: nap time, thankfully! it didnt last long, because it was time to roll out and find a place to eat. we ate some really great texas food (i had a strange baked potato with brisket beef. it was easily twice the size of my head), then headed back to the house. just as i was comfortably settling in for the night and an early sleep, everyone decided it was time to head out for a night on the town. i was already exhausted, but as they say, 'when in texas...'
we stopped at a strange place called 'whataburger' on the way back. they have the weirdest restaurants in texas, i swear... then it was off to the sweat release of much deserved sleep. aaaah...
sunday we got up and packed, after all, we still had a two hour drive back to houston to catch our flight! we met up with anna and pram for a tasty meal, then dropped by susans to say goodbye. finally we made it to the airport after dropping off the car. the flight back was very quick. for some reason it only felt like it took about twenty minutes. oh, maybe thats because i passed out for most of it. we returned to chicago with six inches of snow to greet us, 'welcome back, enjoy scrapping off your car sucker!' i finally made it home around 1:30am and knew that monday was going to be tough. oh, but it was so worth it!

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