weekend hangin

last weekend i headed home for mothers day. i know im not going home for memorial weekend, so i figured id head up last weekend instead. also, i still had a day of vacation, so i took off monday and stayed up there an extra day, which is always excellent!
it was a fun filled action packed weekend. well, not really, but it was still a blast! on friday i headed to the folks place and chatted with them for a while. when jeffry lee and i finally caught up we decided to go see a movie. he wanted to see disturbia, but i was not at all interested. so we settled on 'fracture'. it was pretty good. after the flick we went to tgi fridays and had dinner. we got talking and catching up that we actually closed the place down at 2:00am! i dont think ive ever done that before! we headed down to our cars, and sat and talked for another hour! hes always got something interesting to say, and he is a really great listener, so just the conversation was enough to make it a great night.
saturday the family and i went out for breakfast. then mom and i took my niece to the mall. we got her a cute little ducky stuffed animal which she loved until we had actually paid for it, then she decided that she hated it. thats kids for ya. in the evening i met up with jeffry lee again. we went out to eat and took part again in some great conversing. for old times sake wee went over to toys r us (which i actually used to work at, but thats another story...) to check out the cool transformer toys. eventually we made our way over to the movie theater and checked out '28 weeks later'. it rules. we ended the night shooting some stick. a great time was had by all.

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