dark before the light

this winter was a rough one. not necessarily the weather, it was actually a fairly mild winter, except for about a week there where we had a huge blizzard of snow (and two canceled days of school!!!). the truth of the matter is that it was a rough winter for me personally. im not entirely sure why, but the dark months of winter were also dark months for me. nothing really bad happened or anything, life went on as usual. work was good, family was good, church was good, but i wasnt. as darkness creeped in earlier and earlier each night, i was feeling a sense of depression creep in on me.
i cant recall any particular day or event that triggered it, but i was definitely withdrawing from those around me. after work i would head home and try to think of a good reason to call someone to hang out, or just to get out of the house. as time went on i found less and less reasons to make the effort. so i didnt. passing on invites from friends became more and more common. i think some of them just stopped inviting me at all to do stuff.
i know this is a lot more candid than i usually am with this blog, but its something that i want to acknowledge. about two weeks ago things mysteriously changed, the fog went away. ive been rediscovering my life. work has taken on a renewed enjoyment for me, ive gone out more nights than ive stayed in this week (which hasnt been the case for about 8 months), and i have been reconnecting with old friends. ive even been working on getting healthy again. i dont know what brought about the change, but i am very thankful that it happened, and i look forward to finding joy again!

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