adams visit (thursday)

what a weekend! it was quite a fun one. adam, my good friend who is now living in l.a. flew in for a visit! rex and jeffry lee stopped down as well- and a good time was had by all!
adam flew in on thursday night. it was a bit of a bother because his flight was delayed from 7:50pm to 12:10am! yikes! it was a lot later night then i was expecting. but we made the most of it. after he finally arrived we went back to my place and we were far too awake to go right to bed. so we hung out and chatted until about quarter after two. we both knew this was going to make for a pretty rough friday, but it was worth it.

in preparation for all the guests, i spent all week cleaning. it took forever to make the place look presentable. as i was cleaning i realized i was missing a few key items that would be useful for when the guests arrived. things like pillows for the second bed, a comforter for the second bed, and a door knob for the bathroom door (dont ask). so i found myself at the store and a came across an awesome transformers comforter! i know its childish, but i knew it was too cool to pass up! and i knew the guys would totally appreciate it. the picture above is of adam snuggled up in said comforter. oh, and hes wearing a cowboy hat (again, dont ask...)

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