a very fun bad choice

thurday i was chilling at home after work. i had just finished dinner and the phone rang. it was a friend i havent really kept in touch with lately. i saw him the night earlier, but otherwise it had been about a year and a half since we last saw each other.
he calls me up and presents me with a question: "we have an extra ticket to see a midnight showing of spiderman 3. are you in?"

here is the problem: i am an adult with a full time job, i have many responsibilities and am accountable for doing a good job at work. and i really like my sleep. if i were to go, i would not be home untill 3:00am, there by destroying any chance of having a good day at work. i had also already made plans to go and see the movie with another friend on saturday. there was really no reason for me to accept the offer, it would be foolish, irresponsible, and childish.

which is exactly why i said yes! we ended up having a great time, i met up with him and a few of his friends i had never met at bw3 before the movie. we hung out for an hour and talked, i got to know them and we had some good laughs as well. we went to see the movie (which i talk about here), and i finally got to bed around 3:30am. oops! amazingly enough though, friday went just fine, i didnt feel any more tired than usual. so, the only side effect of going was a great time and a chance to meet some new people. not to bad, huh?

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