free comic book day!

after going out for breakfast with ken, we went to go see spiderman 3 (a second time for me). on the way back we were talking about the movie and about the comic books that the characters are based on, and then it hit me! i had almost totally forgotten! saturday was free comic book day!!! i brought it up to ken and he was in, so we headed over to the local comic shop (a first for ken), and checked out what free stuff was there for the taking. after milling around for a bit we found the free stuff and grabbed as much as we wanted! oh, how i love free stuff! ken enjoyed flipping through a few issues on the shelves and seeing what his favorite superheroes were up to these days. we each grabbed about 10 free comics (i bought a copy of wizard and a tpb i had never heard of) and headed out. i dont know if ken will read the books, but it was really fun to share the comic book store experience with someone. now that i think of it, i think that may be a first for me- bringing someone with me to the comic shop.
thank you free comic book day, for bringing people together!

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