mothers day

on sunday i went with my parents to my grandmas place. all the uncles and aunts were getting together, and mom said i was invited. i was a bit reluctant at first, being the only grandkid going, but i got over it and went anyway.
it was great to see everyone again, it had been quite a while since i had seen some of my uncles and aunts. i wasnt able to make it to the family christmas party, so i missed out on the fun then. that side of the family is quite close, so i always look forward to a chance to see any of them.

in the evening tim and jill came over with all the kids and we played outside and grilled out for dinner. we gave mom her gifts (or more accurately, her gift certificates...) and had a great time being silly with the kids, and just genuinely enjoying the evening together.

i am very thankful i got to take monday off and be able to enjoy that night with the family instead of having to drive home! (the extra sleep wasnt too bad either...)

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