mini golfing

this past thursday i finally got to meet up with a few students and gollow through on the event that had been auctioned off a while ago. i got together with these students and went mini golfing! it was a lot of fun. the kids that had won it were eight graders this year, so it was cool to see them one last time. we played a good 18 holes, but before we began, as is customary, we gave each other fake names while we played (i was gregory). none of us were any good, so that kept the game light and fun. after we finished that we headed over to the ice cream shop and gorged ourselves on the tasty treats there in. they had a table inside that has a checker board built in to it, so he had a few matches of play. i am typically good at checkers, but i was hustled big time. after that we headed home, but before i dropped them off, i had to take a little stop at gamestop (not really, but i knew these boys loved video games) so we wandered around there for ten to fifteen minutes, then we were off. after that i brought them home and bid them farewell. i hope it was worth their $325!
in a couple weeks i look forward to doing it again with three other students!

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