lights, camera, auction!

saturday was quite a strange day. our school had its annual auction to raise money. its always successful and alot of fun. this year the ladies who are in charge of setting the whole thing up came up to me and asked if i would be interested in donating anything for the auction. i asked what might they have in mind? she said that the local mini golf place gave us four tickets, and was wondering if i would be willing to go play mini golf with a few students on a saturday afternoon. they would then auction off two of this activity. i thought 'well, that sounds fun, i would like to do that with the students even without the auction!' so i said yes.
as this weekend grew closer i started to get a little nervous. how much would i go for? heres what i was afraid of: what if i only go for a couple dollars? i try not to be proud, but that would be a bit of a blow to my confidence. but then i got scared of the opposite: what if it goes for alot of money and the students realize that im not really that cool, and they wasted their money on this? i couldnt win, so i decided that i wasnt going to think about it.
saturday came and my item came up. it was really crazy because some of the parents were bidding on it and i felt totally strange. after it was all over i peeked my head back up to see what had happened. it turns out that it went for way too much: 2 parents actually paid $325 bucks for their student to spend an afternoon mini golfing with me! yikes! i better make it worth their money...

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