it doesnt make sense

i cant figure it out: the weather is great, the sun is out, its in the high 60's, and here i am sick. i thought being sick was only allowed when its bad weather. well, it shouldnt be allowed. sunday i was just sitting around and somehow, amazingly, i could actually feel myself get sick over the course of about 5 minutes. it was one of the strangest observations i have ever been able to witness. and i have been feeling crappy (sore throat and sinus) ever since. ive been trying to take cough drops, but it almost seems like they make it worse.
today my voice got so horse that i actually had to stop class because i couldnt continue without coughing. i hadnt planned to, but i just had them read their textbooks the rest of the hour. i really should consider staying home tomorrow, but i wont. ive only got six and a half days of work left until august, i would feel pretty stupid to not be able to handle that... i guess ill just try to get to bed on time tonight (although last time i did that i was up tossing and turning until three a.m.)

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