oh, how embarassing

all of us teachers decided last week that we would get together today for lunch as a last get together of the year. we ended up going to red robin (great burgers!). after an hour and a half we wrap up and ali, the science teacher, remarks 'huh, where are my keys?' we didnt see them so she was worried that she may have locked them in her car. which is bad enough, but the story gets funnier: she did lock her keys in her car, they were right there in the ignition. and the car was still running!!! how ridiculous is that?!? we spent several minutes roaring with laughter as she stood there genuinely impressed with her own stupidity. fortunately she has another set at home, so rick brought her to her house and is now bringing her back to her car.
for some reason, i dont think any of us will ever let her live this one down- we will be reminding her of it often next year, me thinks.

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