poke it with a stick.

where exactly does the name of this blog 'poke it with a stick' come from? well the simple answer is that its an inside joke that most of the people inside have since forgotten. but, the idea that was behind the joke, and the reason for my naming it that is much more complicated.

the idea of 'poke it with a stick' is to examine something. to poke something and find out more about it. what is it? what does it do? why is it here? what is the meaning behind it? in a way that has been my intent for this journal: to look at my life, what i do, what i understand, what i think, and what i believe and poke it with a stick.
now, the title also has a funny element to it as well, which is where i have usually taken it. most of my posts are light hearted and opinionated, which is fine. but i am now realizing that i have lost sight of the real power and understanding that i was originally aiming for. i am reminded that i have all too often forgotten to look deeper, to think harder, to challenge myself farther. i have come to a realization that i need to be following that path as well. for these reasons, among others, i have decided that i would like to give myself a place to share those thoughts as well, a place to take the journey to better understanding. so, again the 'poke it with a stick' blog family grows to include another page for such thoughts. find them here.

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