gone swimming

sunday i was hanging with the family for fathers day. my little nephew (hes three and a half) was telling me that he started swimming lessons! he asked if i would come on monday and see him swim at his lesson. my sister said that he did really great at it last week and he could even jump in the deep end and swim all the way to the other side! i was quite impressed with this, because i remember that i was terrified of the water for many years when i was little. i didnt dare go in the pool in our backyard until i was about six (but thats probably due to my big brother telling me evil sea creatures lived in there...), so for him to be that good at his age really impressed me!
first, it was a miracle that i actually made it to the lesson. i am on my summer schedule right now (which means that i stay up till 5am and wake up around 1pm) and the lesson started at 9:30am! it was a bit rough to get up at 9 after only four hours of sleep, but i knew i really wanted to because i dont get many chances to be a part of his life (i live about two hours away). i got there and he started doing his thing- the only problem is that he had forgotten everything he learned the week before! he had the hardest time jumping in, and by the end was crying his eyes out! poor guy! im sure he will have his confidence back by friday. you know, so he can forget everything for next week...

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