a busy saturday

this past weekend was alot of fun (and im not just saying that because it was the start of my summer vacation. but that didnt hurt either...) on saturday a friend and i headed downtown chicago in the morning. they had a huge book fair going on, and it she really wanted to check it out. i was up for it and tagged along. it was really cool, there were current best sellers as well as some old original first printings and other relics from hundreds of years ago. it was fun to look through the different booths and check it out. i ended up finding a book that reinterpets the book of genesis into poetry. i figure maybe i can find some cool stuff in it to make that text come alive even more when i teach it. i got to talk to the author for a while and everything! quite cool. later that day i went to the merrillville mall to get a gift, then i went to one of my students open house (and then gave him the gift. the movie UHF. inside joke, long story...) where i met his uncle who turned out to be someone i knew from dordt days! how strange!
all in all a fun and relaxing weekend. i guess i have a few more of them lined up here soon. cool.

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