a tough deadline

im not really a fan of painting walls. i have to do it alot. each year i loose a renter i have to totally repaint the other apartment. ive also been slowly repainting each room of my place. i started with the bathroom (the smallest, so i figured id start easy) and it went well, but i forgot to paint the ceiling, so i have to do it over again sometime (which is ok, because the color i picked really sucks) then i repainted the kitchen. i went for a grayish purple, which i still like, and it looks good.
this weekend my brother-in-law is coming over to replace the carpet (thats what he does for a living, and he found a big piece of carpet for me for totally cheap) and for some reason i said i would repaint the walls in the living room before they come on thursday. that was stupid.
ive cleared out the room of all my junk (a huge job in itself...) and tonight i have to paint the ceiling and trim. yikes, its going to be a long night. im hoping that i will be able to get two layers of paint on the walls tomorrow and it will be dry by the time the family comes. we will see...

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