good days

today was a nice day at school. last year we, the teachers, decided that we should celebrate thanksgiving together. this is fairly difficult because we have to stay in our rooms during lunch and watch the kids. so, we actually plan an hour lunch for ourselves (score!) and have moms come in and watch the kids during this time. so today we got a great big old thanksgiving dinner with the turkey, the stuffing, everything! plus we got an hour long break from the kids. it doesnt get much better than that, now does it?
also, the high school only had a half day today because of parent/teacher conferences, so a bunch of 8th graders from last year came by to visit. it was really fun to see them again. i really enjoyed the class last year, they had a whole lot of personality (in a good way.)
and tonight i am going out to chilis for some fun with friends.
all in all, a pretty good day.

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