is it just me, or did halloween stink this year? the weather was kind of crappy around here, but that shouldnt be much of a surprise. it seems like every year it rains on halloween. every memory i have of going out and trick or treating includes a rainy night. maybe its just God's way of saying "quit it." but last night i was prepared for the kids to stop by. ive only had a real front door for the past couple years of my life, so still fun for me to have kids come for candy. i had my light on, my bowl of candy, and my happy face on. but alas, no kids. over the course of about 3 hours i only had about 12 kids come up. well, actually two groups of five, and one group of two. sad. is this normal? i dont remember it being this poorly attended last year. are the kids just too 'cool' now for it or something? its fairly disappointing to see.
i have a lot of really great memories growing up of my friends and i spending the week before talking about what we should wear and how much fun we were going to have. then the night of halloween actually going to the corner drug store and getting the costume because what we had spend so much time making turned out so bad. then, grab the pillow case of the bed, and off we went in search of sugery loot! the night was always a success, no matter who's house we started from because it was that one night a year when we were allowed to be a bit crazy and out-of-sorts. checking out the crazy decorations. always falling for the 'dummy' in the lawn chair that was actually a guy- boo! thinking up great ways we could scare the smaller kids. promising how this year we would go and t p someones house, but never actually doing it. never believing that the big kids would actually come and steal our candy, but keeping a watchful eye, just in case...
dang, halloween was fun!

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