random entry

i have a really sensitive gag reflex. i almost up chucked this morning just from brushing my teeth.

i really enjoy the number 5.

i set my alarm clock 16 minutes fast to trick myself into getting up earlier. sometimes it works.

i dont like tomatoes, but i love ketchup.

my favorite nintendo nes game is super off road.

i really dont like mowing the lawn.

ive been to florida a couple times and california a couple times, but ive never set foot in the ocean.

im a pack rat.

all these years later, i still find myself amazed and mezmorized by my birthmark.

i have red facial hair.

sometimes i pretend to, but i dont actually like coffee.

i got an F in seventh grade spelling, but in eighth grade i was one of the final five in our school's spelling bee.

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Anonymous said...

Wow that is the weirdest grouping of things I have ever seen!
It's much like Mitch Hedberg.