if i won the lotto...

last night i was talking to a friend of mine and we decided that i need to win the lotto. i decided that if i won i would spend the money on making a movie. it would be a movie about my life. it would be kind of boring, you know, right up until the point where i win the lotto. i would want part of the movie to be about us making the movie. try and get all that cool postmodern hyper real stuff. the movie would be about making the movie while we try and make a movie about making the movie. i would totally need Charlie Kaufman to write the script because hes really good at that post-postmodern stuff like adaptation and eternal sunshine of the spotless mind.
in order to keep up that 'artistic film' feel i would want it to be in a foreign language. id really like to have lots of kung fu in the film so i think it would be best to have the film spoken in mandarin chinese.
my friend suggested that brad pitt play me, she said i totally look like him. i guess i agree, but i have larger wrists, so he would need to wear prosthetic forearms. but other than that, it would probably a perfect fit.
i would want to get leonard nemoy involved too. not for the star trek stuff, more for his great narrations in that nova show on pbs. id want him to narrate. but then james earl jones would start to narrate, and the two of them would start to fight and there would be a narration battle between the two of them.
i havent quite figured out how it would end, but im fairly sure i would end up getting the girl.

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reuben said...

sounds pretty post-post-post-modern.