field trip

today we went on a trip to the local high school to see the students put on a play. the one this year was a midsummer night's dream. ive seen the play before and seen the movie, but i had forgotten a lot of it. what was the best part was the creativity of the director. they took this shakespear play about the craziness of love and wanted to show how being crazy in love is universal and is just as true today as it was when he wrote it. so, the cool twist was this: it was set in the 80's. sounds strange, but it was done quite well. the main characters were more the yuppie/preppie types, and the faries and puck were portrayed as punk rockers. really fun! it was also cool becouse a few of the actors are students that i taught last year. it was fun to get to see them again and to see them finding a place in high school. and i got a two hour break from the kids- score!

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