puzzles had never been ledger's thing.  he never quite understood them.  he would play with the pieces a little bit but not really figure out that they were supposed to go together to make a picture.  well, one morning i was playing downstairs in the toy room with him and he was getting a bit bored with the rest of his toys.  i figured i'd give it another shot, so i grabbed one of the puzzles he has and asked him if he wanted to put it together. he said sure, and we were off!  i pulled up a chair next to the toy box, dumped out all the pieces, and he started to put some of them together.  maybe he is finally dexterous enough, or maybe he just now understands what they are all about, but what ever it was, he was all about that puzzle!  i would hand him a piece and he would pretty quickly figure out where it went.  before we knew it the puzzle was solved and all put together.  he immediately wanted to put it away and start another one!  i think we solved all of them at least once, and a couple of them we even put together a second time!
oh, my little boy is growin' up!

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