off to the cabin!

gather the troops- its cabin time once again!  my bestest friends in the whole world and i have an annual tradition: head up to baldwin, michigan for a night together at the cabin!  we've been doing this for so long that i honestly can't remember the first time we did it.  this is either or 12th or 13th trip up there...
it was a bit later this year than usual (now that i have a different job i dont get two weeks off for the holidays, so we had to wait for a time that i could get off), but its always better late than never, huh?  most of the usual suspects were able to attend.  rex had work stuff so he couldn't go, adam was back in california so he was out.  but there were still five of us who were ready to party- cabin style.  in order to get the most of our one night away, we met up bright and early.  we gathered at aaron's around 9:00am and were on the road soon after.  jon drove his truck and dusty took his car, the rest of us split up and found seats where ever we could.  since we were so early we decided not to do our usual trip to the bk in big rapids, instead jon brought some sloppy joes for us to have for lunch when we got up there.
(more pics)

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