playin' in the snow

with all the snow that had been falling, ledger always asks to go out and play in it!  since the temperature has been in the teens or lower, we have to keep telling him 'no'.  but with a break in the cold, we finally relented and i took him outside to do some exploring in the winter wonderland!
the thing that he has been wanting to do ever since the snow fell was make a snowman.  he is absolutely obsessed with snowmen (thanks, 'frozen'!)  he kept talking about how he wants to go out and make an olaf!  well, even though the snow was not very good for packing, we were able to make ourselves a little snowman.  mema and mama found a little carrot for the nose and something to use for the eyes, so ledge was pleased as ever to have his very own 'olaf' in the back yard (no matter how small he might be...).
after we made the snowman we trekked out into the front yard and then across the street to the park to have some fun in the snow!  it was a fantastic time, and it was fantastically cold by the end of it!
(more pics)

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