cabin: shootin'

one of the traditions at the cabin is bringing up some guns to shoot stuff.  we don't go hunting or anything, we just like to shoot cans and any other random items we can find!  it really is a lot of fun!  in years past i have brought my dad's gun, but i didn't this year.  usually rex brings one, or keith when he would come with us, but neither of them were here this year.  that meant that it fell to jeffry lee and jon to bring the firearms (which, by the way, jon bought because he had so much fun shooting the first year he came!) well, after lunch it was decided that we should go out and use the guns.  as you can see, jon is all geared up for shootin' time.  we went out a couple times during the day to shoot some stuff.  at one point in the day jeffry lee and jon drove in to town and stopped at the dollar store so that jon could buy a few items to use as targets- and boy did we have fun destroying his stuff!
(more pics)

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