cabin: inventin'

the cabin that we stay in is far enough off the beaten path that it actually is too far away from civilization to be on the power grid.  that means that if we want electricity we have to use a generator.  thought the cabin has all the modern amenities that one would expect from a 21st century dwelling, its only available when the generator is turned on.  all of this 'off the grid' stuff adds up to the fact that even though the cabin has indoor plumbing and bathroom facilities, we don't actually bother to turn them on when we go up there.  it would involve turning on the water pump and clearing out the pipes before we leave so they don't freeze.  well, that's clearly too much work.  so we have never, in all our years going up there, actually used the water or water heater.  as one could imagine, this makes the bathroom unusable.  well, when jon and jeffry lee came back from the dollar store, they declared that they had figured out a solution to our problem- jon bought a chair that he then modified to take care of the bathroom problem.  he's a regular thomas edison, that one!  we were all so impressed with his genius idea, not yet understanding how tragic things would soon turn.
i'm sure you are wondering if it worked.  well, the answer is a bit more complicated than that...
(more pics)

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