3 for the show

when we go to the teacher convention in south bend on thursday and friday, a lot of the coworkers get a hotel room for the night. not me! i just drive on over to diana's mom and david's place! they live only about 15 minutes from the convention center so it works out really well. by late afternoon all the convention stuff wrapped up for the day on thursday, so i headed up to one of my favorite places: the movie theater in niles, michigan! its called wonderland theater and it is amazing! what makes it amazing? well, movies are only 4 bucks, popcorn is $1.50, and soda is 1.50- thats what makes it so amazing! since everything was so cheap i decided to make a day of it and see more than one movie (ok, three). there is nothing in the world quite as fun as back to back to back movie going! what also helped is that the movies were really good! i know that diana would be bored to death doing that, so i'm glad i got to have this fun evening to just sit back and enjoy the darkened theater!

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