last summer our treadmill fizzled out on us. the motor died, leaving diana with no opportunity to work out. she was really annoyed! we gave that treadmill to my sister and brother-in-law because they said they might know someone who could look at the motor and fix it. they couldnt, so we were out of luck. well, a new pawn shop opened up in town and i went to check it out a few times (i know pawn shops can have a bit of a stigma attached to them, but this one isnt shady at all, it actually seems more like a used cd shop and its actually really nice!) everything in there is fairly new and in really good repair. i've actually found a bunch of good movies and cd's there for cheap. well, diana asked if i ever see a treadmill i should check it out to replace our old one. last time i went they had a couple on the floor so i quickly called diana and she quickly exclaimed 'buy it!' so i did. i wasnt sure which one of the two she would want so i put down a hold on one and diana and i came in the next day to take a look at them. she was really excited about one so we got it! its temporary home is now in the living room where diana uses it almost every night. once the baby comes we agreed that we will need to find a better place for it, but until then she is very pleased- and walking up a storm!

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