boat storage

going over to help out at diana's mom and david's place was quite fun recently!  with the weather changing and winter coming, david made plans to have a friend come over with his boat trailer and get their pontoon out of the water.  the two of them went to drive the truck around to the boat launch and i got the fun job of taking the boat from the dock to the launch!  it was pretty cool- the weather was perfect and i got to enjoy a nice relaxing trip around the lake all by myself.  i took full advantage of my new role as boat captain!  i even walked around the boat as it was going- unmanned!  good thing there werent any icebergs or i would have been sunk! (terrible pun intended...)  we go the boat out with only a couple scrapes, and drove it over to the rental house's garage.  the whole boat needs a bit of work over the winter, so david figured that would be the perfect place to store it so that we can work on it even while theres snow falling.  we did a bit of work on the house as well, carrying the appliances from the garage back in to the house.  one fun thing we got to do was switch the doors of the fridge!  i've always seen the bits and holes in fridges that allow you to switch the side it opens on, but i've never done it to a fridge- until now!  oh, how i take such joy in the stupid little things...
(more pics)

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