job well done!

sunday morning we all got up and ready for church. it was really fun to be able to go to church with a whole family! they had been to our church once before, when diana and i became members. its always fun to go to church with the kids because bubba is so mature about it, listening so quietly and behaving himself during the service, and tweets just belting along with all the songs, even if she has no idea what the words are!
after church we headed back to our place and tim and jill packed everything back up in the van. we had one last train go by so the kids wanted to run to the backyard and wave to the conductor! by early afternoon they were gone, and diana and i were left with an apartment filled with amazing new carpeting! it was a really fun weekend and everyone had a good time- even tim, though he spent most of the time working, poor guy! diana and i are so grateful for tim's willingness to offer his services- we owe you big time and the place looks amazing!!!
(the finished product!)

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