6th art trip

every once in a while my students get to go on a field trip. recently they went to the art institute in chicago for lit. class and the lit teacher asked me to come along- score! i've been to the art institute quite a few times, back in college i studied art and always loved to go and check out all the famous works by the greats that are on display there. the focus for the students was on vermeer, but since the art institute doesnt actually have any vermeer paintings, the students took a look at other works during that time period, and then were given the rest of the time to check out the rest of the museum! one of the dads and i were in charge of a group of 15 6th graders for the afternoon. we had a great time checking out the different artwork and exhibits. the kids were surprisingly attentive and seemed quite interested in all the different works of art! there was even an area where they were giving out candy at one of the pieces. that was a very popular work among the students...
(more pics)

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