special lunch

every morning i get ready for work and i grab a lunch, usually its something simple like cereal (there's milk at school, so this is a nice easy option), or hot dogs or something. well, one morning i forgot to grab something. when i got to school i realized my mistake but didnt have enough time to go back home and get something and i dont have any free time to leave during the day so i thought i was going to be one starving teacher all day! i did find a moment before the kids came in to call home and ask the wife if she would be so kind as to drop off some hot dogs or something for me on her way to work. i told her she could just put it in my car and i would go get it when i had a chance. well, she surprised me because when i went to the car i found a very special treat! some snack bars and a subway sub!!! score! she even put a little note on it- aw! i walked in feeling pretty special! every once in a while moms come in and bring their child a special lunch and that student gets to show off the special meal- well today was my turn to be special! thanks, wife!

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