timmy's carpet co.

mom and papa arrived bright and early so it was time to get a full day's work in! jill and the kids cleaned up everything they had put in the two bedrooms and threw it in the living room (good thing tim took care of that room the night before- he's so smart!). then came time to pull out the old stuff. as we were pulling it back tim started rolling his eyes- they had used the cheapest stuff ever last time they laid carpet in here, which makes tim so mad! we quickly put the kids to work scrapping off the sticky carpet padding that was left behind after the carpet was pulled out. i tried to help tim as much as possible, but he is so good at this stuff that he can do just about everything by himself. which just leaves me standing in the doorway with my hands in my pockets... well, i knew that wouldnt do, so i tried to find things to do. everyone else was helping to clean too, which was super helpful! papa cleaned up that disgusting bathroom and got it looking pretty good! mom and jill did a bit of wall and surface washing, but they didnt stay long. diana had to work, so jill thought ahead and made hair appointments for the two girls- which they loved!!!
while the girls were getting themselves all pretty, we continued to progress with the carpeting. it was pretty amazing, by about 1:00pm timmy had the whole thing done and ready to rock! the place looks amazing now- its no longer embarrassing to show the place to prospective renters! after tim put the finishing touches on the carpet and we had cleared out all the scraps the girls gave us a call and said they were finishing up. we hopped in the truck and met up with them for some lunch and got to see all the beautiful new haircuts! diana was even able to get out a bit early and come for lunch too!
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Captainbananapants said...

That's awsome, I bet it looks great! What a wonderful family you have :o)