2nd anniversary

wow, i cant believe that its already been two years! ive always heard that being married is really tough, but these two years with diana have been the happiest and easiest years of my life! i guess that means i picked the right girl, huh? we didnt get to do anything real special for our anniversary this year. i felt bad that i couldnt give my gorgeous bride a special gift or vacation, but at least we got to spend the day together. we just went to marrillville and wandered around the mall and the shops for the afternoon. it was a simple day of simply enjoying each other. i guess thats what its really about anyway. that night we pulled out the second piece of wedding cake that we have had in the freezer for the past two years and again got to relive the joy of our wedding day! two years down, forever to go- i cant wait!!! (more pics)

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