the family arrives

the old renters moved out- and everyone rejoiced! the thing about owning a rental place is that sometimes it can backfire and you get terrible renters. well, our lease with them has expired, so off they go! that means that its time to clean the place and get some good renters again. one of the things that needed to be replaced in the rental was the carpet. fortunately for us, i know someone who is a really good carpet layer! its all about who you know- and i know tim! so my sis, tim, and the kids came down for the weekend to get that place in shape- mom and papa even came down for on saturday too!
when the family arrived on friday night they came hungry, so we ordered up some pizza and had a nice fun time playing with them and showing them around. instead of getting a hotel room and paying a ton of money, they just stayed in the rental, which was really handy! before they unpacked what seemed like their entire home, tim wanted to take care of the carpet in the living room so that way we only had two more rooms to take care of on saturday. he took care of it pretty quick and soon the kids were off to bed.
(more pics)

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