a small tip

at the flea market this past weekend diana found a good deal: 4 shirts for 10 bucks. the problem was that she could only find three. so, i offered to find one for myself so we could get the deal. go ahead, she said. i took about 30 seconds and grabbed one of the first ones i saw. it says 'nothing tips like a cow'. i'm not entirely sure what it means, but i figured it was pretty harmless, so i got it. today i'm wearing the shirt and i've had 6 (count em, 6) compliments on my shirt. huh?!? i dont think i even entirely get what the shirt is trying to say, but apparently people like it! strange. but i guess i'm the strange one for wearing it, huh?

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sara said...

first of all.. nice shirt ;)
sacond of all happy 30th birthday!!
i hope you have had a good one.