henna ache

after getting my hair cut from diana at her school, we went out for the evening with a few of her friends. diana made fast friends with her classmates and loves to hang out with them. they were looking forward to meeting me (probably just wanted to see who was lucky enough to snag diana...), so we made plans to go out with jen and nick. a few miles away from where her friend jen lived they were having a carnival that week. we went over to jen's house, i met her sister and mom (and really really cute tiny dog!), and we were off! we found a good parking spot and walked to the carnival. when we arrived we walked around a bit and found some really good pizza for diana and i to share (we made the mistake of coming unprepared- we only had 10 bucks in cash! oops). after that we walked through the merchant tents where we saw all sorts of crazy things that some people are willing to spend their money on. at one booth there was a woman doing henna tattoos, jen convinced her sister to get a matching henna tattoo with her of infinity hearts on their right forearm. well, the thing about henna tattoos is that they are supposed to last for several weeks. they didn't quite think this through, and on top of that, the woman doing the henna was really bad! the tattoos looked terrible! they hated them and ranted about how ugly they were for the rest of the night- which the rest of us found endlessly funny! finally we made our way to the games where the girls played a few games of ski-ball. as the night drew to a close, we headed back to the car and nick brought us back to our vehicle. diana and i finally got back to the house around 11pm- about two hours past diana's bedtime!
(more pics: 1, 2)

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