a dog and a flea

saturday morning diana and i were up on time and on our way to sandy pines to see the family. after a few parade related road blocks, we arrived and went straight over to tim and jills place. it was good to see everyone- the kids are always so excited when we come (ok, more excited for diana, but still...). we walked over to the flee market and had a good look around. the kids always love the flee market (me too) because they get a little bit of money and are able to get some fun new toys! diana was able to get some new shirts for the summer, and i got one too. at the flee market someone was selling puppies and for some reason my mom was really interested in getting one. huh?!? mom has always been quite vocal about being glad that they dont have a dog to mess up the place. hmm, me thinks our dog poco might have squirmed into her heart and now she wants one of her own... sure, she wouldnt admit it, but i think our little chihuahua warmed her to the idea.
(more pics: 1, 2)

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