the other lake

diana and i spent most of the 4th of july weekend with my parents, but sunday afternoon we headed over to see her mom and step-dad. diana was lucky enough to have a three day weekend, so that way she was able to spend all of monday with them too! diana's step-sister illana was in town visiting, so we were really excited to go and see all of them. we arrived around 4:00pm and diana got to see her sister barbara, and illana. its not very often the three of them get together, so it was quite a pleasure for all of them! it had been a while since diana was able to see her best friend miranda, so she stopped over too. soon after we got there we went out on the boat. it was a beautiful day for it. we had poco with us, so we figured he might want to ride the boat too- he wasnt too sure of it at first, but after a while he was walking right to the edge and looking over to see the fish! after everyone wanted to go take a dip in the lake, but i stayed behind to make some copies of our wedding photos for miranda and diana's mom. some where in there there was a third boat ride too. everyone had a really fun time- its always nice to see diana's parents and have a relaxing day out by the water.
(more pics: 1, 2, 3)

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