sandy guys

diana and i decided to go for a little cart ride, and who do we see? why, its our good chums rex, jeffry lee, aaron, and freddie! they were out at freddie's place for the day and we happened to spot them! they were actually on their way over to our place to find us. cool! originally they had planned to go to grand haven and spend the day at the beach, but since the weather was a bit overcast, with rain expected, they came to sandy pines instead.
we drove over to freddie's trailer with them and hung out for a while. a couple friends from jeffry lee's work also stopped by. it was nice to see them again (i had just seen them the night before, but diana hadn't seen them yet). we were only able to stay over there for an our or two, then it was back to mom and papa's place for dinner!
(more pics)

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