you are getting sleepy...

i totally need a nap. i have no idea why, but today has been a really rough one. i got enough sleep over the weekend, go to sleep in a little extra on saturday and everything. i went to bed around 11 last night. nothing out of the ordinary. but for some reason i just cant get myself to snap out of this sleepy haze. sometimes the sleepiness will last till 10 or 11 on a work day, but today it never left! i have plans for tonight so i cant just crash when i get home. shoot. hopefully ill at least stay this tired around 10 tonight. i have a terrible habit of being tired all night until i actually get ready for bed then suddenly im wide eyed and ready for the world. thats annoying.
well, if i have any problems sleeping tonight ill just hypnotize myself. that usually seems to work.


reuben said...

i have the same problem.

i hate waking up in the morning, but i also hat going to be at night.

reuben said...

yes, when i go to sleep at night i hate wearing a hat.

jeez. i think it is too early.