my new theory

i have this theory. i call it the "back in my day..." theory (or the BIMD for short). here is my theory: each person has about 15 years of molding and then they are done. let me explain. we have a 15 year period of being molded by pop culture, and then after that time we step back. the age this molding starts is between 10 and 15. during this time we are open and receptive to anything the media puts out. think about it: almost every child in that age group likes every movie directed at them (how else could you explain the sucess of cheaper by the dozen 2?), is really into current music and thinks its actually good music.
thsi phase lasts between 10 and 15 years, on average. for some its longer, and for others its much shorter. at the end of this phase (aprox. 25-30 years old) there is a growing disinterest in pop culture and a cynicism that was never present before. one doesnt blindly accept all the movies directed at them, and starts to feel like current music is so much worse than what was around at the begining of their phase. (this is where the theory name comes from: 'back in my day...') at this point there is often a decision made to take a step back from pop culture. thus the phase of nostalgia is often entered. (an alternate phase is one ill have to explain later, but i call it the "who's that old creepy guy trying to be cool?" theory).
what do you think, am i on to something here?

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tiptoeballerina said...

yeah its logical nice point