vacation is over

... and the first week back comes to a close. alright, it was only a half week, but it was still rough. its always a bit of a wierd thing to come back to teaching after a long break. we had almost two full weeks off. alot can happen in two weeks. in fact, i can remember moments here and there during that time off where i actually forgot i had a job. well, you know, i didnt forget i work, its just that there were some times during the break where i didnt identify myself with it. i would have moments of just feeling like a college kid again on break and no responsibility.
its kind of tough to come back after that, to get my head back in the game. the first morning after a break always is a bit strange. it isnt usually until noon, or sometimes the next day that i feel like im back in top form. its even worse in the summer. as summer draws to an end i always get rather nervous for the year to start. at that point i havent taught in several months so i often have flashes of wondering if i still know how to do it. i always settle into the grove, but its often a bit of a bumpy landing.

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