an invited guest

i had a fun weekend. a friend of mine came down from michigan on saturday. we hung out most of the day. actually, it was strange, a good strange, but strange none the less- she desprately wanted to play mario kart! (kinda rare for a girl, huh?) she wanted to play it on my ds though, so i was stuck stareing at the wall. not really, i played 'ssx on tour' on the gamecube while she DSed it. that was quite fun actually, we were both in our own little worlds, but we were both able to genuinely enjoy the fact that we could be together. even if we werent talking to each other.
after that we headed out to eat. when we got back we watched a few shows- i had an episode of 'the office' that i hadnt seen yet, and its a favorite of both mine and hers. after that we played a few games that she brought down with her. we played the movie trivia game 'shout about movies' or something like that, then we played the sequel pack for 'scene it', then we played 'trivial persuit snl edition' which totally sucked because it was way too hard.
by then it was really late so we called it a night. we were able to hang out a while on sunday too, then she was off! all in all a fun weekend was had by all.

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