a real workout

today during my planning period i was chillin out talking to the gym teacher. he mentions that he's teaching badminton. oh, happy days are here again! if you know anything about me then you know that i dont care for sports in the slightest. any of them. except badminton. i always remember in high school looking forward to the weeks we would get to play.
when he told me he was teaching badminton i asked him 'when do we get to play a match?' 'lets go right now' was his response. and we did. wow, i was quicky reminded how out of shape i am! all things considered though, i think i did alright. the first game i had him 7 to 2 for a while, then he rallied and got me 15 to 7. so, i did what any man would do in this situation: 'best two out of three!'
the second game was closer than the first. as we were playing the students started coming in to head to their next class. for a few minutes we had a rather large crowd watching. most of the kids were rooting for me (because the gym teacher offered a free lunch to whoever beat him, and even if they didnt beat him, they wanted someone to get a free lunch...)
we both realized that we needed to go to our classes and teach, so we stopped and agreed that we would pick it up from there next time. fortunately for me, the score and this time was 8 to 10 in my favor. next time hes going down!

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