the pier awakens

it was tough, but we managed do to it.  diana and i waited almost three weeks to see star wars: the force awakens.  before it came out we made plans with miranda and levi to go to chicago for a day and go see the movie in imax 3D at navy pier.  i'll admit, i was tempted to sneak out and go see it before then because i couldn't wait, but i stayed strong and got to see it on the huge screen with everyone else!  we got to chicago early that day so we could hang out and have some fun.  we first went to a mall downtown and just wandered around a little bit.  miranda wanted to go to the american girl store and levi wanted to go to the lego store.  both of them spent large amounts of money getting toys for themselves (levi got the ghostbusters firehouse set- its huge!) and then we headed over to navy pier.  we grabbed a bite to eat and then hung out in the gardens there for a while.  finally we saw the movie and it was a ton of fun!   it was a really great day with friends and worth the wait!
(more pics)

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