bb-8 birthday!

for the past couple months, basically since christmas, ledger has been obsessed with BB-8, the ball droid from star wars.  where did this obsession come from?  i have no idea.  he's never even seen any of the star wars movies!  we have a youtube app on our tv and ledger would constantly want to watch videos of people playing with BB-8 remote controlled toys.  he kept asking for one because they looked so fun.  the problem with this was that the rc toy is really expensive.  we kept telling him no, but he would persist.  as his birthday drew nearer, it was the only thing he would ask for!
who am i to deny my only son his deepest desire?  on a completely unrelated note, i kinda wanted one too...  anyway, when his birthday finally arrived, guess what special gift he got?  oh, he was the happiest little boy ever!  he spent hours and hours all that week playing with it, making obstacle courses for him, and just loving that little ball!  he would even put it on his bedside table each night and kiss it goodnight before he fell asleep.  i tell you what, the older he gets, the more he takes after his nerdy daddy!
(more pics)

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