easter and birthday

with ledger's birthday so close to easter, we were able to celebrate both of them at mema's.  we went with them to their church and then headed over for dinner together as a whole family.  jill, tim, and the kids were there too.  ledger got to open some birthday gifts and then do a fun easter egg hunt!  all the kids were given a bag and then let loose on the backyard to find their eggs!  mema had a great idea this year, each of the kids were given a color and they had to find all the eggs of that color!  this worked really great because it allowed each of them to find a bunch of eggs and not worry about the other kids getting all of them and being left with nothing.  each one was filled with candy or other treats, which was of course ledger's favorite part!  the whole thing was a lot of fun and ledger had a blast!
(more pics: 1, 2)

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